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The A - Z of Entrepreneurship


Product Description

The A - Z of Entrepreneurship is a 37 module video, MP3 and workbook program.

You can add 9 personal coaching sessions to it for a further $3,000 AUD - simply email us after purchasing and we will engage your coach.

You will work out of the workbook and watch the 15 minute videos, which are designed to be watched at the rate of one each week. You will complete the exercises in the book and each month there is an MP3 which rounds off your experience and learning. By the time you have completed the course you will not opnly know more about business and entrepreneurship but you will know about what to do when. A lot of people know the steps but they get the steps in the wrong order which cancels any chance of success.


The Nine major sections are:

Ideas - Brand - Team - Partners - Equity - Acquisition - Cash Flow - System and Review.

1A – Mission Vision & Values - what is your mission your vision and your values you bring to the business


1B – Unique Ability  - What makes you different to almost anyone else

1C – Understanding Wealth Profiles - What is the way of understanding the style of everyone you meet and how you create wealth with ease

1D – Legacy - Why do you do what you do

1E - Market Research & Competitor Analysis - Seeing what the state of teh market is


2A – Scalability - Can you upscale or outscale your ideas

2B – What brands do you love? - Which are your favourite brands

2C – Brand Look & Feel - Colours, style etc

2D – The Why - why does your brand exist, what does it add to the world.


3A – Wealth Profiling and it’s role in your team development  - Dont make a mistake hiring or partnering again. Know your team

3B – The Alec Rodgers Formula - The one way to stop making mistakes in recruiting

3C – Wealth Network - Who is bringing you opportunities, finance and who is your doubters and doomsayers

3D – Environment - What you have in your environment defines your life. What do you watch, listen to, read and who do you hang out with


4A – Affiliates and Strategic Alliances - Making the most of potential partners

4B – Attracting Partners - How do you get the best partners

4C – Contracts  - What do you offer partners and have them agree to

4D – Rewarding Partners - What do partners really want


5A – Patents & Trademarks - Protecting your IP

5B – Building Equity - How do you gain financial value from your business

5C – Valuing Your Business  - Various valuation methods

5D – Equity Partners - Bringing in someone with money to take you to the next level


6A – Virtual Assistance and the Virtual World - Outsourcing

6B – Funding Accelerated Growth - How to grow fast and how to finance it

6C – Deal Making and Acquisition - Doing deals and acquiring resources for minimal cost

6D – Buying Vs Renting - Do you own the resources or just rent them


7A – Turning on the Tap - When the cash flow starts to flow what do you do

7B – Taxation - Various global tax environments

7C – Managing Cash Flow - Not spending it all and planning

7D – Doing Business without you - Setting up your business to function without you


8A – Franchising & Licensing - The difference between them and the basics of Franchising and Licensing

8B – Using the same model again - Taking what you have done well and applying it elsewhere

8C – Manuals - Operations and sales manuals and the value they add

8D – No Longer Required - Your business without you


9A – Leadership - What makes a leader

9B – Leadership Vs Management - The difference between leadership and management

9C – The one page plan - Strategic planning for entrepreneurs

9D – The next steps - what to do after this course











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