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Leading Towards Perfection

LIGHT-Intelligent Creation is an introduction and basic into dialogue among faith and reason and creative evolution theory. Itsprimary objective is to pave a path for dialogue among 'religions', and 'science and religion'. It uses scientific explanation from subatomic and quantum physics for building the foundations, as it enters the deepest mysteries of us-humans, of our world and universe and also possible other realms and dimensions of existence. It paves a path for scientifically based standards for a moral and ethically based life and more.

The author explains the relationship and interactions between "micro and macro cosmos", i.e., the individual as the micro and everything else, including the Universe as macro in general. Therefore, the communication and interactive relationship at bio-energetic level between the individual and everything else in the Universe is scientifically postulated and elaborated.

It substantiates basic explanation about our feelings-emotions and related phenomena in connection with awareness, altruism and consciousness.

Within LIGHT-Intelligent Creation, many of the currently missing pieces to 'creation' and 'evolution' and the connections between them making one inseparable reality are well-elaborated. It explains how 'micro' (us) and 'macro' (universe), align towards one unity and are on a precise path of creative evolution... with all our similarities.

As an introduction and basic into dialogue among faith and reason and creative evolution theory, LIGHT Intelligent Creation makes dialogue among cultures, civilisations, people, science and religion possible. The author outlines wide avenues for 'Dialogue" among each and all other levels necessary for forging our new way forward to a safer and more peaceful co-existence on the planet.

Uniquely combining the above and many other issues, whether visible or not at first glance, LIGHT-Intelligent Creation unnoticeably leads us on a real "pathway" for discovering answers to the 'always pending' question - WHY LIFE itself with all its mysteries and beauties, unique for our own personal journey and for the things around us?

By correlating religious / faith traditions (their ethic and moral standards) with science (including scientific evidence) in the form of an introduction and basic to creative evolution theory, LIGHT-Intelligent Creation provides fundamental data about our "feelings", "emotions", "altruism", consciousness and more. It enriches, adds value and fullness to life.

Explained is how each organism, e.g., insect, plant, animal, has it's unique life and emotional system and it's own basis for understanding the environment and interacting with other organisms - similar to that of humans and of bacteria. Scientific research examples for those that are higher evolved - dolphins (Florida,USA) and ants are provided.

Various items related to "micro" and "macro" - such as the Universe as a whole are included. E.g., from astrophysics - black holes discharging energy and attacking an entire galaxy which may be several thousands of light years away. In an impressive and peculiar demonstration and supported using NASA scientific images and evidence, LIGHT-Intelligent Creationprovides an understanding of the interconnection and the level of 'communication' on a universal scale.

Also explained is "macro" Universe having its own unique conception of the environment, which scientifically confirms that our galaxy vibrates with three tones like "three huge trumpets" and that the vibration of our entire planet generates a hum similar to the recent vibration registered of the sound of molecules. All of which speaks about the existence of one type of vibration everywhere- such as a "Word" which "was at the beginning", like a vibration or "fluctuation of the quantum vacuum" as explained in scientific books, yet also in old religious books.

On the basis of the above, i.e., through fluctuation of the quantum vacuum, the presentation is a continuation into the creation of something from nothing - from just a vacuum. The creation of subatomic particles, atoms, molecules and their evolution through the creation of various life forms and life itself as we know it, and a Universe and its evolution as we know it - somehow connecting Genesis with Darwin through quantum physics, Einstein and others like him, is presented. This is supported by findings from subatomic physics and quantum mechanics with postulated theories and rules from well-known physicists like Einstein and others, mainly Nobel prize winners.

The creating of micro and macro cosmos and their evolution towards perfection with the possibilities that other realms and dimensions exist is explained based on scientific evidence - mainly correlating with the String and Super String theory. ...

In Part 2, Dr. Najdovski explains the mechanism of bio-energy (quantum touch) therapy, removing mystery associated with the 'energy medicine' phenomena. He presents 20 years of research and includes a summary of results from over 700 case studies. He postulates a well-established mechanism based on the latest scientific discoveries.

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