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Glen Levy

glenlevy.jpgGlen Levy was called the most dangerous man on the planet by NASA and National Geographic after his filming of the hit TV series Fight Science. A Veteran Hollywood stuntman and actor seen in such films as Lord Of The Rings, Posiedon, Troy and shows such as Spartacus, Legend of the Seeker or Xena Warrior Princess, Glen is now the star of New Zealands hit comedy Auckland Daze.

With numerous black belts and many many dans, Glen is heralded by some of the best fighters in the world as one of the top martial artists.

Glen's information is ancient, sacred and rarely known about. It can help you heal, get fit quickly, lose weight and maximise your potential without stress

Glen’s book teaches the true essence of the arts – Standing in Stillness. A profound read for anyone who wants to be more healthy fast.

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